Since 1973, BSV has been working in the cold molding of sheet metal for third parties and is able to satisfy a complete range of processes such as deep drawing, block and pitch shearing, bending and various operations..
The vast know-how built over the years allows the transformation of different materials:
hot and cold rolled (from 1mm up to 5mm thick), copper, galvanized and pre-painted sheet, stainless steel in various qualities, aluminum in semi-rectified and annealed condition.
The molds used can be those of the customer or designed and manufactured according to his specific requests.
To develop the articles requested by customers, BSV makes use of the support of the B.P.G. molds, present in the industrial area of ​​Fontanafredda (PN), which is able to provide a complete service for the design, construction and testing of the molds.